Friday, August 27, 2010

Debbie's First Blog

This is the beginning of something new for me.  I have decided it is time to move The Bookstore forward.  As I write this - a very talented young man (and sometime employee of the Bookstore) is building a website for us.  I have wanted one for years and kept thinking I would get it done, well it is pretty obvious that I wasn't getting it done. When it comes to technology I am a self proclaimed dinosaur.  I still own a typewriter (that I use) I do not own a fax machine and when it comes to computers I know how to turn mine on and find the things that I need to find.  I don't understand how they work nor do I need to.  So I turned to a professtional that understands me and is gentle and doesn't confuse me with unnecessary information to create a place for my bookstore and me on the world wide web.  He sends me a link and all I have to do is click and then I am magically transported to his wonderful creation.
I have no idea how to format this writing so for this first entry the words will be centered on the page.  Who knows I may decide that I like it this way and not bother to figure out how to do it any differently.
For now you just need to know that I am a bookseller, a bibliophile, a collector of words and dictionaries.  I am happiest in my ratty old sweater, with a cup of tea sitting in my special chair reading a book.
I feel that I have the best job in the world.  I spend my days surrounded by books and people that would like nothing more than to do what I do.  Most days I forget this is considered by some a job (I am reminded each year when it is time to assemble the papers for the accountant that this is in fact a job.)  But perhaps now that I have taken the leap of faith and hired someone to create a webpage for me I might consider getting help with the bookkeeping end of things.
One thing at a time and for now I excited to embarking on this new adventure.