Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Bookstore Friends

Bookstore Friends

    I honestly thought my renewal of blog posts would be an introspective filled with wisdom and reflections about living during pandemic times.  And, that could still happen as I place my fingers to keyboard. 

    Today I looked up from my desk and was  pleased to see a longtime, summer resident of Dillon.  One of those people whose arrival lets me know it is really summer.  One of those people that just hearing their voice makes me happy.  One of those people that over the years crossed the road from customer to cherished friend.  One of those people that always made me feel like I was getting it right. 

    Last year they were not able to come to their summer home.  We shared phone calls and laughter.  Books were sent to them at their Idaho house, sometimes with a surprise gift.  Phone calls with one glance at the caller ID and I was smiling before I picked up the phone.

    I squealed when I saw her, "you're here!" I jumped up.  She replied "I'm here," her hands clasped in front of her.  I giggled...............then I realized she was here but he wasn't....Not allowing my brain to fully register his absence, I asked "Where is....."  She told me he was gone.  She honestly thought someone had contacted me.  She and her entire family are here to spread his ashes. She told me he was old and tired and I responded that he would be happy to know where his ashes will be released.  He lived to fish, he would tease me about the pigeons harassing me on my awning. He loved a good, dark mystery and complicated spy thrillers. He loved Dillon and I will miss him. Rest in Peace my friend