Sunday, October 17, 2010

If I weren't a Bookseller..................

What do you want to be when you grow up?  How many times have we asked that question not only of others but also of ourselves?  I will be 51 tomorrow and I still ponder the question. 

Yesterday we celebrated the 2nd Annual Oktoberfest in Dillon.  We had been planning this since January (along with May Day, Summer Sizzler and the upcoming Winter Festival).  We had worked hard, had fun and even drank a little moonshine in the process.  It rained, it rained hard, it rained most of the day.  I cried, I cried hard, however, I did not cry most of the day.  With the help of my husband, my friends, the vendors, the volunteers and the rest of my crazy party planners I realized a little rain was not about to ruin this party.

                              One of the most popular games that we host at these events is the cake walk.  It is so fun to see the kids excitement as they walk away with their prizes.   I obsess over these events.  I relax by cooking.  I made little cakes and had fun frosting them and decorating them.  One of my fellow merchants was complimenting me and asked how I had time to get them all done along with everything else.  I laughed and said "Have I ever mentioned to you that if I weren't a bookseller I would probably be a party planner/caterer or a psychologist?"  She laughed and said "isn't that what you do now?"

Huh, I'll be darned, she's right.  Through my life as a bookseller I am always planning events and making the food for the party.  We host booksignings, storytime, childrens Tea Parties, magic shows, Harry Potter parties, after hours events, Christmas strolls and poetry readings.  I love the decorations, planning and preparing the refreshments, setting up the displays and hosting the parties.  While doing all of this I get to be surrounded by books and enjoy of the company of people that also appreciate books and a good party.

As for psychology.................................

Every apptitude test I have ever taken has indicated that Psychology is the field for me.  As a bookseller I encouter people everyday, looking for answers, seeking advice or just needing to talk.  I like to think that once in awhile I have the right answer and that I listen well.  As for the advice I may have an opinion or two.  (but just once in awhile........................;o)

So if I weren't a bookseller would I be a caterer?  Probably not.  I enjoy it.  My parents and 2 of my sisters are involved in the bar/restaurant business.  I love helping them when I get the chance.  It is fun and I get to spend time with my crazy family.  But when the day is done I like what I do. 

If I weren't a bookseller would I be a psychologist?  That isn't as easy to dismiss.  At 50 (I won't be 51 until tomorrow) would I want to return to school and obtain this degree?  I am so proud of my friend Katie who did just that.   My sister Lisa is 40, she is a wife, a mother of 2 young sons and teaches full time and in December she will graduate with her masters degree.  They both have proven to me that it is possible.  But the big question is do I want to?

For now I am content planning parties that also involve books.  I get to interact with people on many different levels each and every day.  I am entertained and intellectually stimulated, I am healthy and happy looking forward to celebrating another birthday and just 5 days after that celebrating our 28th wedding anniversary.  Being a bookseller allows me to live many dreams.

So, what do you want to be when you grow up?

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  1. Happy early Birthday, Debbie!
    I want to be a bookstore owner when I grow up!