Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thanksgiving and other Thoughts

This time of year things get pretty crazy around here.  As I prepare for our busiest season I wander around the store scratching my head trying to remember where I shelved the extra inventory last year.  Cursing myself for not taking pictures of finished displays as a reminder that all of these books do eventually find a shelf. That we really can rearrange, decorate, add tables and stands to our already overcrowed floor space and still have it look inviting.  I love this time of year, I love the chaos, I love helping people find the perfect book to give to a friend or family member.  I love the glitter and shiny decorations.  I love the excitment and anticipation and I love that this all means that winter is headed our way.
What I don't like is that somehow Thanksgiving gets lost in all the hype.  I have to balance the fact that I am in retail sales with the reality that I don't like all the commercialism that happens this time of year.  I am always in awe when a customer will ask me to wrap a christmas gift for them in July.  I have to wonder are they really that organized, will they actually remember that they bought this gift in December and further more will they remember where it is hid?  I am equally fascinated by people that purchase their calendars for the upcoming year 6-months before January.  The same list of questions run through my mind.

For me Thanksgiving is a day to breathe.  It is a day to reflect on all that is good and to remember not only what we are thankful for but also why we are thankful.  I have a lot of blessings in this life.  I really love my job, I have an awesome husband and family.  I have great friends and good health.  This year my family is celebrating Thanksgiving on Sunday, November 20th.  My nephew, Wally, is home from the Navy and then he will be stationed in New Hampshire.  He won't be home for the holidays this year so we are doing what the government has done many times:  changing the date of a holiday to fit our needs.

For me this date change is perfect.  It has been at least 20 years since I have been to Augusta for Thanksgiving.  That commercial hype I mentioned before has kept me in Dillon.  The store is closed Thanksgiving day but the day after (Black Friday) has me at work going nonstop until we close the store on Christmas Eve.  Travelling for Thanksgiving just never happened.  I love Bill's family and always enjoy time spent with them but that being said I am really excited to spending this holiday up north.

I am looking forward to time spent with family and friends and to a few days off before the whirlwind of activities begin.  We have the festival of trees, 7 book signings, the Christmas stroll, the Parade of Lights, holiday open houses, Christmas parties, storytimes, the Winter Festival, a polar plunge and somewhere in there we should put up some decorations at home.  I love this time of year and equally love when it is over.

But for now I am thinking about Thanksgiving.  I am thinking about taking a moment of quiet and reflection.  I am hoping that the grizzly bear has bedded down for the winter or left the area so that I can walk in the field with my Dad.  I am thinking about playing scrabble and drinking tea and showing my Mom how to put her photos on facebook.  I am thinking about being in Augusta and how I always get re-energized when I am there.  I am thinking about my nieces and nephews and how they make me laugh and give me hope for the future and of course I am thinking about my Dad's prime rib and my Mom's stuffing and pumpkin pie.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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