Thursday, July 8, 2021

I have a disease ..... and I am not looking for a cure


Thursday is book day at The Bookstore.  Every. Single. Thursday.  Books arrive and the UPS driver is my favorite human.  It is like Christmas morning.  There are some book days that disappoint simply because somewhere along the way the boxes rest or take a detour.  But most of the time they arrive and I get to fondle the covers, smell the pages and run my fingers over the ink, absorbing the words through my skin.  

My sister-in-law works with me.  She TRIES to be a task master.  Customers will hear her say "Debbie, stop reading the books." Or stop smelling the books, call the customers, we have to get these books checked in and on the shelves."  I really don't hear her. (Okay, I choose to ignore her)  Books are simply beautiful.  It is exciting on Thursday to see the boxes roll through the door.  Customers pick up on my exhilaration and want to HELP me open the boxes.  I ...... let them.  But I worry they will get to touch the book first....... one day a woman was watching her husband take out his pocket knife to help me open the boxes, she gently said "I think she may not need your help......." he replied "this is amazing, look at all these books"  I think we were kindred spirits but she was right I don't share this task very well.

    Most books are expected.  But, every now and then, there will be a forgotten backorder waiting to be brought to light.  I usually remember what customer has ordered what book.  I usually know for certain which books are meant for them, for the bookstore shelves and for ME!!!!  And, fear not, there are always books for me.  

     Last Thursday, July 1, 2021 books arrived.  I checked them in, called customers, stacked those that needed to find a home on our shelves and tucked a few (6) into my bag to find a home on my shelves (the floor) at my house.  

    Today, July 8, 2021 all of the above is being repeated.  Then I realized an error (this is monumental since I rarely admit to errors) had been made a week ago.  One of those 6 books that are now at my house, either being read or about to be was in fact a special order for a customer.  I called him today, and to my relief I got his answering machine and made my confession to his voice and not to him.  I said I was sorry (he knows me really, really well and will know that I meant it) sort of -- it is a really good book and I realized when I started it a couple of nights ago that it is the end of a trilogy and I have read the other books.  I told him when I finish the book I will be happy to share it with him.  

Please don't stage an intervention I really don't need one.

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