Wednesday, June 22, 2022

  A World of Words and a Dream Realized

Recently I was reminded of the summer between my 8th grade and Freshman years of school.  That was the summer when the Watergate hearings were televised.  I was glued to the TV.  I remember that time vividly.  I had a job babysitting for the summer.  I babysat a lot as a youth and for the life of me I don't recall which family had me taking care of their children.  What I do know is it was right then that I knew I wanted to be a journalist.  I did start college with that intent.  But life took me down a different path and here I am living a really good life as a bookseller. 

It is well known that I love books, I love words and I am a lucky soul that gets to go to work everyday doing something that truly makes me happy.  It also dawned on me recently that I have been in my store for 31 years......half my life (I will let you do the math)

Had I remained on track toward a journalism degree my area of interest would have been radio.  That direction was sparked by a chance encounter with someone that told me I had a radio voice.  I can't sing to save my soul.  A fact that is very clear to anyone that has the privilege of  me serenading them on their birthday.  But as we all know I do love to talk.

Through the years I have been on the radio.  Doing ads for The Bookstore.  Promoting local events or on the local program 
Who's Minding the Store.  I like the microphones, headsets and all the buttons and machines that make radio happen. 

 During the pandemic I stretched my technology muscles doing live feeds from my store.  Which has led to an online story time.  Over the years there has been talk of me doing a radio show about books.  When John Schuyler was alive he and I talked about books, about common phrases and their origins.  We talked about his morning show and how it would be fun to have me on with him once in awhile.  We never quite saw that happen. 

After his passing Joann and I talked about a radio show that would be about words, books, authors, grammar, literary trivia, obscure words, word and phrase origins and so much more. On May 3rd Debbie's World of Words aired for the first time.  Every Tuesday and Thursday mornings at aprx 8:40 a.m. my musings can be heard on KDBM KBEV Radio Station.  For me it is a dream come true.  I am combining my early aspirations with my present day.  I am having fun. I love the research, I love learning and I love words.  

Each show ends this way: I love hearing from you. Call me at The Bookstore – 683-6807, email or reach out to me on Facebook. Until Next time – Happy reading 









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